20 must-have wedding photos

20 must-have wedding photos presented by West Midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography.

Hi, I’m Mark a wedding photographer based in Coventry on the border of Warwickshire and West Midlands. I’d like to present to you a little set of photos which in my opinion every single wedding couple must have. It will be only 20 different photos from a wedding day (real wedding day). I could add much more but I think it is an absolute minimum.

  1. The wedding venue.

L&M (5 of 897)On the photo Ashton Lodge Country House, Warwickshire. This is a view on the marquee, where al wedding parties take place.

2. Wedding cake.L&M (9 of 897)On every single wedding across the whole UK is a wedding cake. And every single wedding photographer across Uk has to take this challenge and create some top photos of the cake.

3.Flowers.L&M (26 of 897)In the whole of my career as a wedding photographer, I  had only one wedding without flowers. The same like a wedding cake it something that must be photographed.

4. wedding dress.L&M (28 of 897)The dress is another point of must-have photos. I always present the dress in some different frames. From all length to details.

5.Bride preparationL&M (69 of 897)Morning bride preparation. Long process which allowed me to capture many amazing photos. More you can find on : http://www.mkweddingphotography.com/

6. General life during preparation for the wedding ceremony.L&M (113 of 897)All that is between. All those moments are ” behind the scene”. I think it is a big opportunity to show real wedding day. Those small moments captured between. Do you agree?

7.The entrance of the bride L&M (280 of 897)Moment when a wedding story starts. It is the first time when the bride and groom may see each other on the wedding day.  Look on the bride – can you see that truth emotions?

8.the wedding ceremonyL&M (338 of 897)

The formal part of the day with many limitations for a wedding photographer. On the photo above my wedding couple during a wedding vows… presented in a wider angle.

9. Exchanging rings.L&M (380 of 897)Very challenging moment. Difficult to capture but experience in wedding photography gives me an advantage… and always capture this moment 🙂

10.first kissL&M (429 of 897)I would say, it is the moment when the wedding party starts. All formal things with registrars are sorted, and the next step is… walk away and…

11.signing the registry book.L&M (467 of 897)Due to data protection, I can not take photos of the signing the registry book, however, after the official part, we put the book on the blank page, and I have a couple of minutes to create some photos. Beside staged photos, I do something like this as well. After some time when you look in your photos again, it brings some memories from the day. Sometimes very funny memories.


12.Bride and bridesmaids.L&M (608 of 897)

13.groom and his team.L&M (619 of 897)

14.Confetti.L&M (629 of 897)

15.children on the wedding day.L&M (671 of 897)

Usually, but not always we have some children running around. Everybody loves children photos and as a wedding and portrait photographer in Coventry I love to. I always use this opportunity to capture some great portraits of the younger generation.

16.some fun during a session of the bride and groom.L&M (700 of 897)

17.session with the bride and groomL&M (723 of 897)

18.entrance of the bride and groom.L&M (788 of 897)

19.Details.L&M (858 of 897)

Details. I have presented only one photo. I this couple’s photo story you could find tens od detail shots. It is a perfect method to enrich the final story.

20. Cutting a wedding cake.L&M (892 of 897)

OK, we get to the end of the story. I have presented you with a wedding day on 20 random selected photos. In my opinion, it is not enough but the purpose of this blog post was a little bit different. I wanted to point to some moments which should be photographed.

I hope you agree.